Frederick C. Yu – President and CEO

The original Accent group started about 20 years ago equipped us with the vast knowledge and experience in the customer retail space. As we move forward into the future we have evolved into a much robust organization resilient enough to withstand the harsh challenges of the industry. Our organizational metamorphosis as the new Accenthub group is the cornerstone of our very existence. With our new capabilities we intend to achieve greater heights and miles stones with a much stronger and confident team ready to face the challenges of the 21st century business.

Melchor A. Cuartero – General Manager for Corporate Sales

It is with great honor and pride to be a part of an organization that is committed to serve the Filipino nation. With the speed of technology moving tremendously fast in todays global market, it is our obligation to lead the way in providing technological benefits in contribution to nation building. Our team is ultimately focused in ensuring that every individual, professional, household, small, medium and large offices can afford and actually use these available technologies for their personal and business use. With our uniquely crafted product or service packages you are guaranteed with the best brand, quality and professional services every time. Our ultimate promise is to provide our customers what others can not deliver!

Michael Z. Taino – Vice President for Sales and Marketing

Our chain of stores is ready to serve and provide our customers with the best and most updated technological offer in
the market today. Our retail sales team is trained not only to sell but to provide consultancy on what and which is better in the market. We are unbeatable when it comes to promo, pricing and payment scheme plus we have the most reliable service out there. In the near future we plan to come closer and closer to you by adding new store locations nearest you!